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PhD and Doctorate Students

20 Ph.D. students

1. K.R. Rahimova
Investigations of the boundedness of some class anisotropic operators in the Morrey type spaces.
AZERBAIJAN, 2016, November 25

2. Isayev, F.A., Investigations two-weighted inequalities for Fourier-Bessel integral operators.
AZERBAIJAN, 2015, November 27

3. Serab Guner, The singular integral operators related to generalized shift operator in Beppo-Levi spaces.
TURKEY, Dumlupinar University,2015, June 11

4. Cansu Keskin
The singular integral operators related to generalized shift operator in Beppo-Levi spaces.
TURKEY, Dumlupinar University,2015, June 11

5. Fatih Deringoz
Boundedness of integral operators of harmonic analysis on generalized Orlicz-Morrey spaces.
TURKEY, Ahi Evran University, 2015, June 09

6. Altinkol Seyda
Some problems of B-harmonic analysis.
TURKEY, Akdeniz University, 2014, December 29

7. Muradova Sh.A. Study anisotropic fractional maximal operator and Riesz potential on anisotropic local Morrey type spaces.
AZERBAIJAN, 2013, September 27

8. Canay Aykol
Generalized Morrey-Lorentz spaces and the boundedness of the maximal operators in this spaces.
TURKEY, Ankara Universty, 2013

9. Aliyev, S.S.
Aprior estimates of the elliptic differential equations on the generalized Morrey spaces.
Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, 2012, November 25

10. Karaman Turhan
Boundedness of the sublinear operators, generated by Calderon-Zygmund operators on generalized weighted Morrey spaces.
TURKEY, Ankara Universty, 2012, May 25

11. Omarova M.N.
On the properties of the fractional maximal functions and the Riesz potentials on the Laguerre hypergroups.
AZERBAIJAN, 2010, May 14

12. Hajiyev A.I.
Weighted inequalities for integral operators, associated by Bessel differential operators.
AZERBAIJAN, 2006, June 23

13. Garakhanova N.N.
Investigations of the Bk,n maximal functions and Bk,n Riesz potentials.
AZERBAIJAN, 2005, October 17

14. Abbasova M.M.
Structural property singular integrals for banach-valued functions.
AZERBAIJAN, 2005, February 7

15. Safarov Z.V.
Some properties of generalized Fourier-Bessel potential type integrals.
AZERBAIJAN, 2004, April 05

16. Bandaliyev R.A.
Imbedding theorems for weighted Sobolev spaces Banach valued functions.
AZERBAIJAN, 2002, November 26

17. Narimanov A.K.
Investigations of the anisotropic Fourier–Bessel singular integrals.
AZERBAIJAN, 2001, February 7

18. Maharov I.K.
The equivalents norms in the Banach-valued Besov spaces.
AZERBAIJAN, 2000, May 17

19. Gasanov D.D.
Anisotrop Bn–potential Riesz and its applications.
AZERBAIJAN, 1999, June 23

20. Mustafaev R.Ch.
Integral operators of potential type on spaces of homogeneous type and their applications to differential equations.
AZERBAIJAN, 1998, September 16

4 Doctorate students

1. Bandaliyev R.A.
Integral operators of harmonic analysis in Banach function spaces and some applications.
AZERBAIJAN, 2014, December 05

2. Yagubov Y.Y.
Integral operators connected with Dunkel operator and determined in Heisenberg group in functional spaces.
AZERBAIJAN, 2015, May 22

3. Ibrahimov E.C.
Some aspects of harmonic analysis associated with Gegenbauer differential operator.
AZERBAIJAN, 2017, September 29

4. Hasanov J.J.
Integral operators of multidimensional harmonic analysis and B- harmonic analysis in generalized Morrey spaces and some applications.
AZERBAIJAN, 2018, February 02